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Hello fellow warriors!


Looking for a better player? Up to the challenge of a monthly Tournament? If so come join the mayhem on the War of Words Battleground!

To join a tournament, first create an account on (it's free!). Your account must be similar or closer as your wow username.


Sign up here before every 30th of month to join the monthly Tournament. Once signed up, you'll receive an email invitation monthly to confirm of your participation.


There are three divisions: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance.
Beginner: Total games played < 50 and win/loss ratio < 0.5

Intermediate: Total games played < 200 and win/loss ratio < 1.0

Advanced: Total games played > 200 and win/loss > 1.0


You'll be assigned to your identified division and details of each tourney can be found in each bracket once created monthly. 


Every month, top three winners from Beginner and Intermediate divisions will progress to the next higher division while bottom three from Advanced and Intermediate will be downgrade to the next lower division. Winner from Advanced division will be crown as The Grand Champion.     


Have fun!!


Name Game Type Participants Created On Progress
Test Sw 6 04-23-14
War of Words Battleground Monthly Tournament Sw 7 07-21-13